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F a r e w e l l   K a r a c h i   M a i l

Chappar Rift, the old line Quetta - Karachi, later replaced by the Bolan line, XA no.266 (P.S.A. Berridge)

The Bolan Pass proper, with the narrow winding defile through the Dozan Gorge, comes between Hirok and Kolpur. Crossing the ravine nine times in four miles and burrowing through the rocky crags which tower high above the stony bed, the railway construction is a succession of mighty girder bridges and tunnels. There is a rugged grandeur about this sinister place… and in the days of steam the sight and sound of four lusty Consolidations working a nine-coach Mail up the five miles of almost uninterrupted climb at the rate of one foot rise in every twenty-five were things no railwayman is ever likely to forget.

P.S.A. Berridge, bridge engineer, NWR
"Couplings to the Khyber"

View fron the train Istanbul - Tehran near Razi, Iran (WS)